Spent some time with the new F type yesterday

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Borrowed a friends 2015 F type S convertible for the afternoon. Have to say it’s an amazing car. Very very fast. I would have tickets out my ass if it was mine. It does have this cool feature where you can set a speed limiter. So like 25 in a residential. Just set it and it keeps the car below that speed no matter how hard you press the pedal. Could be useful for the highway. Sounds amazing. That exhaust is simply the best I’ve ever heard. Just kick is down a gear and it’s all smiles. The exterior is simply gorgeous. Everywhere we went this thing got looks. Inside it doesn’t feel like a small car at all. Like yes you are low to the ground but it feels spacious and comfortable. Had a great time and I’m sure to borrow the jag again. Also sorry for just the one photo. Didn’t even realize until I was back in my own car I only snapped on pic and it wasn’t even a good one.


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